Law Firms

Umbricht Attorneys Ltd. have a long tradition of collaboration with both Swiss and foreign law firms relating to all aspects of private law, tax law and public law.

We greatly appreciate the professional contact with our colleagues. For Swiss law firms we make available a special section of our internal know-how (such as, for example, public law, intellectual property law * or particular linguistic knowledge or facts about foreign legal systems) either within the framework of a partial or sub-mandate or by way of legal opinions or second opinions. For foreign law firms we comprehensively cover all questions of Swiss law relating to the interests of your international clients.

Our firm, since its foundation in 1970, has always been aligned with an international focus, so that we have a particular flair and expertise in cross-border questions and work fluently in a number of languages. We, therefore, have also built up an extensive and long-proven network of correspondent law firms all over the world and are often instructed by Swiss firms, particularly from the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Our colleagues also value our excellent links to universities and access to Swiss Authorities, as well as the fact that we stay within the limits of our instruction.

As we internally work within different teams depending on the experience and know-how required, we can work efficiently with teams in other law firms. Our IT infrastrucutre facilitates an efficient exchange. We gladly make our centrally located premises in Zurich available to lawyers from outside Zurich for the purposes of collaboration or for mediation or arbitration proceedings.

* For a complete list of the areas of law which we cover, please click on “Our Expertise”. The situations we describe and our examples of the assistance we provide on the website pages for “Businesses”, “Individuals” and “Public Sector” are designed for non-lawyers.