Core Values

Umbricht Attorneys Ltd. handles its clients’ matters efficiently and solution-oriented and with the highest level of quality and professionalism. This is guaranteed by the continual training of our lawyers as well as the university work of our counsels.

The strength of our teams of excellently qualified lawyers is evidenced by our ability to carry out networked and interdisciplinary analyses; this enables us to find efficient and result-oriented solutions to problems that arise. We, therefore, value a comprehensive and sound education, whilst allowing and supporting our lawyers to specialize in certain areas according to their leanings or interests.

In addition to the high levels of quality and professionalism, we lay great store on the ability to work in teams and social competence. Guaranteeing the quality we expect demands a continuing education and training which we support by allowing our lawyers the time to attend respective seminars and continuing education courses. At the same time, we expect that these possibilities are made advantage of.

Umbricht Attorneys Ltd. is convinced that highest levels of performance by its lawyers and the necessary commitment can only be achieved long-term if in addition to one’s career personal development opportunities remain. We thus place great value in allowing our lawyers sufficient free time to participate in their family and social life as well as pursuing other interests and activities.