Switzerland's Federal Code on Private International Law (CPIL)

Updated English translation of the Code as amended until 1st April 2017.

The text of the Code in Switzerland's three official languages published below is as published in the Official Publication of the Federal Laws. Legally, all are of the same effect. In regard to our own English translation, we are aware that, as is the case with any translation, it can reproduce the official text only with certain variations. It is evident from a comparison of the three official texts that each official translation also contains certain variations. A comparison, however, of the texts of the different translations should elucidate the legal effect of those provisions that might be unclear in one text.


Switzerland‘s Federal Code on Private International Law (CPIL)
(PDF file, Translation by UMBRICHT ATTORNEYS)

Schweizerisches Bundesgesetz über das Internationale Privatrecht IPRG
(SR 291, PDF file, German)

Loi fédérale suisse sur le droit international privé LDIP
(RS 291, PDF file, French)

Legge federale svizzera sul diritto internazionale privato LDIP
(RS 291, PDF file, Italian)